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How to Make the Most of Traveling Abroad When Depression is an Issue

Over three million people worldwide struggle with depression. Anyone who falls into this category knows that it’s not just feeling sad or being dissatisfied with life. Depression gets in the way of otherwise enjoyable activities and makes it hard to function. It doesn’t just go away because things are going well.

That doesn’t mean people who have depression should resign themselves to sitting around in their homes struggling to get by, though. Read on to find out how people with depression can make plans to travel abroad that make it easier to enjoy the trip.

Take Breaks

When they go on vacation, a lot of modern travelers feel they should be taking full advantage of every moment of every day, but this can lead to burnout. Don’t be afraid to take days off to sit around and read a book, call home, or even lie around watching television. It’s much better to schedule rest days than to spend the entire trip fixating on occupying every moment with tours and activities that won’t even be enjoyable once the burnout sets in.

Keep a Journal

Mental health professionals often recommend journaling as a means of combating depression in daily life, and this technique can be even more effective during trips abroad. Take five minutes at the beginning or end of the day to write down a few good things that happened or a few moments that inspired gratitude. That way, when things get rough, travelers will be able to distract themselves and look back on good times as a reminder there are more to come.

Practice Self-Care

Pay attention to the basics like diet, exercise, and sleep. It may be tempting to head out partying with new friends every night, but that can cause anyone’s mental health to deteriorate. Instead, try to schedule nights off from partying and choose activities that encourage healthy habits like heading out for a hike, eating a healthy meal at a local restaurant, or even taking a yoga class.

The Bottom Line

Having a mental illness like depression doesn’t have to stop travelers from having a good time. It just means they have to prioritize things like rest, adequate self-care, and keeping a positive perspective. Whether they’re still in the planning phase or about to get on a plane, travelers can click here to find more helpful tips.

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