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Garlands, Bold Patterns, and Other Home Decorating Trends

Home decorating is all about letting the decorator’s personality shine through and creating a comfortable, inviting space. Homeowners don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion or update each room of their house each year to keep up with current trends. Instead, read on to find some tips for home decorating address potential challenges and allow decorators to create unique, personalized spaces.

Experiment with Patterns

Bold patterns can add visual interest to just about every room. Just like patterned clothing, patterned home decor can be layered for maximum effect. Experiment with black and white patterns and colored patterns and don’t be afraid to go bold in small spaces.

Bring the Outside In

Natural light is every home decorator’s best friend. Take advantage of it by choosing light, reflective colors, incorporating mirrors, and ensuring that none of the windows are blocked by furniture or heavy shades.

Prioritizing natural light isn’t the only way homeowners can bring the outside in to brighten up their rooms. They can also purchase plants or even a garland. Adding a little foliage to the room’s decor can be a perfect complement to many styles.

Step Outside of Comfort Zones

Typically stick with boring, white walls? Try experimenting. Those who are concerned about making bold color, pattern, or decorating choices can start with hallways, which can be great spots for experimenting with wall art and unusual interior designs.

Display Collectibles in Unique Ways

Most people either display their collectibles on mantels, in china cabinets, on shelves or not at all. Instead, try setting them out on tables in full view where they can be appreciated. Just make sure to follow the rule of three and remember that symmetry is not always a designer’s best friend.

Mix Time Periods

Love antiques but want to change things up? There’s nothing wrong with mixing time periods or even incorporating a few antiques into an otherwise modern design.

Look at the Big Picture

Don’t just design one room at a time. Think about how all of them interact together to get a better view of the big picture. That doesn’t have to mean each room uses the same color scheme or furniture from only one historical period but it does mean it’s a good idea to have a few elements that tie the rooms together.

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